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Perfect for the holidays!



You might call me somewhat of a Nudestix fanatic. Does that make me a nudist? Ha!  Yes, I own all these including the bronze and concealer pencils I left somewhere, never to be returned…  When Nudestix first came out a few years ago I shared with you how much I loved them and how smart they were.  Well, I still feel the same way because they are smart! They couldn’t be easier to use with their easy blendability and staying power. They now also come in several formulations – creamy, matte and gel and now, not only nude or nearly nude tones, but bold red lips and intense eye colors as well.  The variety makes the options endless for creating your personalized look. Even with all these options, they are still super easy to use! They are definitely #gonudebutbetter 



For this look I used only 4 Nudestix pencils. I first prepped my face with good skincare and foundation. Then on the cheeks I used the shade Belle, an Intense Matte formula for a little more staying power. I made little hatch marks on my cheeks and then blended with my fingers. On my eyes I used Army Magentic Matte Eye Color, using on the lid and lightly on the lower rim. For this I applied the color more intensely near the lashline and took my finger and blended the color upward. For a liner I used the Night Magnetic Eye Color. Nudestix are wider than a typical eyeliner pencil so no need to blend and smudge the liner out. Then I finished the look by using the lip color Rebel which is the Gel Color formula.  I love the glossy-like texture.  But here’s the real gem in all this – I didn’t use a single brush, only my fingers! That’s how easy these are to use!  



Above are the 4 Nudestix I used. Like you, most days I want quick and simple. Our schedules don’t always allow half an hour or even 20 minutes to put on makeup.  Quick and polished is what I am looking for most days and this allows me to have that in no time at all. If I want a more elaborate look for say, an evening party out or meeting up with friends for a holiday cocktail, Nudestix works great for that.  Instead of fingers I’ll use my brushes on my eyes to create a smokey eye.  They blend super easily and I can create a whole different look.  And the tin – how cute is that!? But it’s also convenient because you can fit more than one of the pencils inside, it comes with a sharpener and the inside of the lid is a mirror. Super convenient.  Have you tried Nudestix before?