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Nudestix lip and cheek

When I shared with you some of my travel must-haves, one of the items on my list was NUDESTIX. There are lip and cheek pencils (shown above) and eye pencils (shown below), concealer, mascara and magnetic eye colors. But the two items I’ve been using are the lip and cheek and eye pencils.


Trip Nudestix


They are super creamy and not drying at all like some pencils can be.  They also aren’t overly chunky in size making them awkward to handle.  They’re thicker than a normal pencil, but not unmanageable.  For the lip and cheek – just swipe on the lips – you don’t need to be looking in the mirror to apply, and they are very creamy and the color stays for hours.  A few swipes on the cheek and rub it in and you are good to go! They blend well on the skin and aren’t intense colors so they work well.

Nudestix shades

Shade on left is Blush and on the right is MysticNudestix case

For the eyes, the pencil is again super creamy and can be used in a couple ways.  For the shades that work as all-over color, a few swipes on the lid and you can either blend with your finger or the sponge tip or if you have a synthetic flat eye shadow brush they blend great that way as well.  For the darker shades that can be used as a liner  the sponge tip works great in blending it out.

They come packaged in a tin box with a mirrored lid and a sharpener that has a lid to catch all the shavings and prevent the mess from getting everywhere.  That alone is brilliant!

I received a sample for review and opinions and results are my own.