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Have you ever noticed that in magazines when dermatologists are interviewed and asked what are the products they personally use, they seem to always include PREVAGE.   With its high doctor recommendations, you would think it was sold exclusively at clinics or specialty stores.  But, it’s actually part of the Elizabeth Arden product line, so you can get it where most Elizabeth Arden products are sold. 

What makes PREVAGE so popular with dermatologists?  It’s packed with potent proven anti-aging ingredients like Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant.   PREVAGE is said to diminish lines and wrinkles, minor scars, age spots and redness among some of the claims.  

I’ve been testing the newest product in the line, the awared winning PREVAGE Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum.  I have to agree, this is powerful stuff.   It was recommended to me that I test it on the inside of my arm for at least three days, which I did.  I didn’t show any signs as side effects, so I continued with using it on my face.   I noticed after a few days that I had patches of peeling on my face.   They weren’t irritated or sore, it was more like dead skin being loosened and so I made sure to exfoliate it off daily.  But, it also made me realize it was doing something to my skin besides just sitting on top and not working!  

Since the first week or so, I have now changed my routine to include using this serum at night.   That way during the day I don’t have signs of peeling.   After several weeks now of using this (about 4 or 5 weeks) my skin has built up the tolerance to use this again twice a day.   My dermatologist had recommended that I cleanse my face in the morning too, which I hadn’t been, but with using PREVAGE Face Advance Anti-Aging Serum, I now have gotten into that routine.   I had to wash my face in the mornings to slough off the dead skin cells and cleanse my face.

One of the biggest changes I notice in my skin from using this is the redness along the side of my face is virtually gone.   I still have some redness around my nose are from allergies, which I truly don’t expect anything to change that except getting rid of allergies.   My skin feels plump and moistened and just overall my skin looks good!  

I definitely recommend this, but if you have sensitive skin or skin that is “virgin” to any type of treatment products, I would say start out slow.   If you try too much at once you may be disappointed and stop using this.  Work at it slowly and you can have great results. 

Results are my own personal results and your results may vary.  Image from Elizabeth Arden.