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Napa Valley has brought us tasty olives and lovely wines.  Now we can add wonderful skincare to the region as well.  Olivina Napa Valley is one of those skin care companies I had never heard of until I was contacted by them.   Created by Susan Costner-Kenward and located in the Carneros region of California’s Wine Country, the products are based on locally grown, hand-pressed, anti-oxidant olive and grape seed oils along with their proprietary blend of botanicals.   Olivina is free from parabens, preservatives and sodium lauryl-sulfates, are never tested on animals and the packaging is made from recycled, recyclable and/or sustainable materials.   Susan’s life has taken her from the culinary to fashion to beauty world and her philosophy is to make beautiful things for people to enjoy which celebrate simple rich delights of the senses.   Personally, I’m glad she lived this path and found her way to creating such a small but beautiful line for all of us.

I’ve been enjoying with great pleasure two of the products in the line; the Honeysuckle Rose Hand Creme and the Honeysuckle Rose Bath Soap.  The hand creme is a thick but creamy consistency which calms the senses with the olive, honeysuckle and slightly rose scent.   It’s a wonderful combination of not too-perfumy, not too sweet, lovely fragrance.   I shared this with co-workers one day and they all loved it!   It absorbs very quickly so you are not left with greasy hands, but they are left very soft and moisturized.   I love how soft it makes my hands feel.  The 2.5 oz size is a perfect travel or handbag size.  

The Honeysuckle Rose soap is nothing short of amazing!   From the remarkably beautiful packaging (again a great gift idea), yes it comes in that classy box wrapped in the ribbon as shown, to the olive tree logo marked into the top of the square bar, and the soft, yummy fragrance, you just know you are going to enjoy using this before it’s out of the box.

I debated on saving this, for what I’m not sure.   That thought lasted only a minute when I decided that I was going to enjoy it!  Again, it did not disappoint and I am sad that I am getting to the last of the bar.   It’s a large bar – maybe a bit too large to easily, grasp so I did cut mine in half and wrapped the other half in cellophane to preserve it till I was ready to use the other half.   But, it suds nicely and leaves your skin soft and slightly fragrant.  This bar, partly because of its size, lasts a very long time, could be a beautiful display bar near the tub or a wonderful gift that any recipient would be thrilled to receive as well as enjoying for your own pleasure.  

There are additional products (be sure to click on the highlighted name above) and more scents, including Olive, Fig, Lavender-Bitter Orange or Meyer Lemon.   Any of those sound wonderful to me!    I will no doubt re-order these when they are gone and sadly they almost are gone 🙁   My only problem will be that I know I will have trouble deciding which items I want to try next!