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Olay is a line of “drugstore skincare” that has always been highly recommended by dermatologist for years.  Now several leading dermatologist and Olay skincare scientists have come together to create  this new Pro-X line.   Their goal is mainly 3 steps for your skin – Protect, Treat, and Transform.

This Pro-X kit contains Eye Restoration Complex, Age Repair Lotion with SPF30 and Wrinkle Smothing Cream.  It retails for about $60 (coupons and sales are frequent – lowering the price $10 or more for the kit).  

I have been testing the products in this Olay Pro-X Anti-Aging Kit and want to share with you my experience of the products.

The first time I tried the products, it was the dead of winter and my skin is dry and sensitive.   Now that we’re closer to spring, my skin does change and is not quite so dry, but sensitivity is an issue year around.

First up the Eye Restoration Complex – I had originally continued to use my eye serum that is not an Olay brand, underneath this product.   The results – horrifying!   I woke up with red blotches all around my eyes. 

So once I healed, I thought maybe my serum and the Olay product did not like each other and I thought I should just try the Olay Restoration Complex on its own.   Could I be a glutton for punishment?    Well, the red blotches did not appear, but after using it for a week, I desperately missed my serum.   My eyes felt more dry and wrinkles more prominent using the Olay product alone.   Maybe for someone without such sensitive and dry skin this would be a better product.

The second product in the trio is Age Repair Lotion with SPF30.   I do really like this lotion – however, if you have really dry skin it is not enough moisturizer for your skin.  Now that spring is knocking on the door and the temps are not so extreme, this moisturizer is better.    This is something that I would definitely consider purchasing on its own.  And I love the fact that it has SPF30.   It’s a great amount of SPF to make a difference, and it doesn’t leave your face with a white film like some moisturizers with an SPF that high can do.  It soaked in nicely and my face feels moisturized enough, now that it is not in the dead of winter.

The third product in the kit is Wrinkle Smoothing Cream.   This cream is a lightweight cream and goes on smoothly, but for me, the first few times I tried it I had an issue with it not soaking in.   It felt very tacky on my face, which I did not like.   So again, I waited several weeks and wanted to give it a try again.  

The second time I tried this cream, I felt it seemed to soak in more (maybe it was the face serum I had been using the first time – were the two not cohabitable?).   But after using it during the second time, after a  couple days I started to break out.   I had 3 large blemishes – you know the kind that stay under your skin like a volcano waiting to erupt but never does erupt.  So, the second time was not the charm for this either.

I know others have had a wonderful experience with this product, but I did not.  However, like I said I would consider purchasing the Lotion Moisturizer separately.     If you click on the highlighted words, it will take you to Total Beauty to see what others have thought of these products.