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Imedeen Time Perfection

A few months ago Fab Over Forty had reader Amy testing out Imedeen Time Perfection.  Amy also shared with us why she wanted to try Imedeen and her thoughts about it and what she saw in her skin. We discussed the challenges that women over 40 face with their skin, such as wrinkles, age spots and lackluster skin to name a few. Most skin care products work on the epidermis, the dermis is the layer below the surface and that is where the building blocks of the skin are located which include collagen, elastin and essential moisture retaining elements. The dermal layer is where Imedeen® works throughout your entire body to strengthen and improve the skin’s invisible building blocks through targeted nutrients that help skin retain moisture and suppleness.

Now, a few weeks ago I asked Amy to report back to me on what she saw in her skin and her thoughts about Imedeen after using it about 45 days. But, in the meantime, I met up with Amy and a few other friends and I overheard Amy and another friend who knew Amy was taking Imedeen discussing Amy’s skin.  The friend told Amy that since the last time she saw her back in October she has noticed a remarkable change in Amy’s skin! She told her her skin looked more smooth and softer and I agree – Amy’s skin is looking great!

Here’s what Amy reported back to me a few weeks ago.  I am a bit over half done…started at Thanksgiving. It has been fun for me to see the skin change..I don’t think I look younger but much healthier, maybe that is younger?! I have noticed that I have not had much adult acne. I will seriously consider continuing the product. No side effects so overall a very positive journey!

When I met up with Amy a few weeks ago, she reiterated that she was thrilled that since she’s been taking Imedeen she has had virtually no adult acne, something that she said she always seemed to have previously. I was also excited when Amy told me that since she’s seen such an improvement in her skin it’s encouraged her to quit using a tanning booth, too!  You can take your own skin care assessment here to see if Imedeen is something to help with your skin challenges.

Imedeen® is offering one 90-Day supply of Imedeen Time Perfection to one reader of Fab Over 40!   To enter for a chance to win, here are the rules:

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