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It may look like the same bottle of old, but that is not the case. Estee Lauder ramped up the old and not gives us a new Perfectionist CP+R.  The “R” has been added to the label, but more importantly it’s the ingredients that have changed.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+R is a wrinkle lifting and firming serum with a new breakthrough CPR-75 technology. What is CPR-75 technology you say?  Well, according to the company its “a dual-action, advanced amino acid and protein complex that creates a virtual “force field” against wrinkles by supercharging and re-strengthening skin’s natural line-correcting power.” 

Here is what some of their clinical studies have shown:

Day 1
• Instantly, the look of lines and wrinkles is reduced by 37%. Skin feels smooth, looks brighter, fresher and more plumped.
• In just 2 hours, Wrinkle Lift Restructuring Peptides™ kick-start natural collagen production2, beginning the repair of the look of wrinkles from within, for younger looking skin.
Week 1
• CPR-75 Technology reinforces skin’s natural support structure and boosts collagen by an unprecedented 257% and fibronectin by 133% – establishing a new Estée Lauder scientific benchmark. Prominent wrinkles begin to look lifted away, a new level of skin perfection emerges and skin’s density is significantly improved with a younger, firmer and more lifted look.
Month 1
• In clinical testing, 96% of women showed a reduction in the look of life’s lines and wrinkles. Skin reaches its full potential, reclaiming a firmer, re-densified look with new found suppleness and youthful buoyancy. Skin’s natural support structure is also fortified to help fight the look of future lines and wrinkles.

I’ve used the old Perfectionist CP+ and really liked it.  I also know several makeup artists that used the older version and swear by it. This new Perfectionist CP+R still has the same texture and feel. One of the things that I like about this (only after using it a week) is that I don’t feel the need to put a primer on my face – this has a nice texture to it and instantly smooths the skin.  Have I noticed any other changes in my skin in one short week? Well, the 3 prominent wrinkles across my forehead do not appear to be as deep as they were a few weeks ago.

This definitely has found a place in my beauty cabinet.


Tester product received for consideration of review. Results are mine and your results may not be the same.