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Clinique has partnered with Allergan Inc. to create Clinique Medical.  The new skin care line is scientifically-designed and clinically-proven to complement select in-office cosmetic procedures and available only through skin care physicians’ offices.   They now fill a missing gap of skincare specifically targeted to meet the needs of those about to undergo cosmetic procedures and treatment afterwards.

The Clinique Medical skin care line combines select ingredients with patent-pending components such as Probiotic Technology to create beautiful formulas that help prepare, support and maintain the skin pre- and post-treatment.

If you’ve decided on having a cosmetic procedure, why wouldn’t you want to use products that help prepare your skin to receive treatment and make it the most effective, and to help the healing process?  I know if I were spending the money on such procedures, after researching the procedure and doctor performing it, the skin care used before and after would be the icing on the cake.

The products in the line include a Probiotic Cleanser, Skin Conditioning Treatment, Recovery Week Complex, Optimizing Treatment Cream and Daily SPF 38.

The products included in the kit are also available for individual purchase. In addition, the Clinique Medical line also includes the Dry Spot Balm, an ultra-hydrating lip and facial spot balm designed to alleviate severe dryness and the associated discomfort related to some prescription medications.

All the products in the Clinique Medical line are allergy tested, 100% fragrance free and contain no preservatives.  I have been using the Probiotic Cleanser for a few weeks now.   It is a medium thick cleanser that is gentle to the skin.  It does not leave a filmy residue nor does it leave your skin dry and itchy.   It’s a smooth cleanser that you can tell does a great job of removing the day of grime on your face and leaving it fresh and clean.

If you’re contemplating having a procedure done, ask your doctor if this line is available to them.  You may want to check it out.