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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It’s that busy time of year where we rush to do all those extras in our lives like parties, shopping for gifts and more, but today I want to take the time to say “thank you” for those who continues to be there for me.  Words can’t begin to express my thanks to my boys for everything that they mean to me and how proud I am of the young men they have become. Thank you to my family for your unconditional love. When I was a child the 5 of us kids always got along and we continue to this day. We’re there for one another, we celebrate our changing families and would do anything for one another’s families. My friends are a mix bag – from high school friends which after all these years we continue to be close and there for one another at all times, to work friends whom I enjoy on a daily basis and all the love and beauty they bring to my life.  Moving this year brought many challenges and adjustments and I have met so many people who were once stranger and I now consider new friends. Thank you for letting me into your lives.  And to you, my faithful readers who have stuck with my blog through the ups and downs of my life over the years.  I thank each and every one of you and am so blessed that you are all a part of my wonderful life!

I hope as you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal today you stop in the busy-ness of the day while enjoying each other’s company and take time to reflect and openly acknowledge to one another what you are thankful for.