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Anastasia Wax Kit

Recently, while perusing one of my countless magazines I saw that Anastasia Beverly Hills had this mini wax kit.    Anastasia is known for her celebrity brow styling and for us non-celebrities a variety of eyebrow grooming kits and related products that we can purchase to pretend we can get brows like the celebrities on our own.  HA!   I’m only kidding, I do really like the Anastasia products and they work really great.

Since her other products are fantastic, I figured this must be too.  I’ve tried another brand of pre-wax strips and had horrible results.  I have been on the hunt for a wax kit, but I really dislike the thought of having to keep a huge jar of wax and then heat it up, blah blah blah.    I just don’t want to mess with it, but I want to be able to wax the annoying eyebrow strays and the really annoying lip hairs that drive me crazy.   So I ran to Sephora to check it out.  Only my local Sephora doesn’t have it.   I didn’t feel like ordering it online, well, just because I didn’t.  It’s only $12 and the shipping would probably be half of that again.

Then I ran into my local Ulta – we have a new mega Ulta near my home which I am thrilled about and paranoid at the same time because it’s just too close!   But I did run into one of the little kits and I grabbed it up.    The jar of wax is tiny (PERFECT!) only .5 oz – think of a jar of eye cream size which typically is the same size, just not with all the excess pretty packaging that eye creams have.   There are 5 small wooden sticks for application and 14 substantially sized muslin strips, and instructions on how to use the kit.  This seemed like the perfect kit to me.

You only have to heat the wax about 10 seconds in the microwave and apply with the stick.  The muslin strips are quite large and can be cut in half to easily remove the mustache lip hair.  Each half of the strip works on each half of the lip area and I would say the same for the eyebrow area as well.  Lickity split – the hair was gone, I’m able to save myself a wad of money by not having to go have my lip hair removed professionally and spending no less than $15 each time.   $12 for this kit will give you many uses before it is gone – at least 14 uses (the number of strips).  So lets do the math:  $15 x 14 trips to have a lip wax = $210, (not including tip) so I figure I’m saving myself at least $200!   This is the bargain of the century!

I think that qualifies as Beauty on a Budget – don’t you? 

p.s. – the Ulta website has the incorrect price of $21.  It is only $12 in the store – they really should fix that.