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I’ve been robbed of my Aveeno Hydrosport Sunscreen, that is.   Yes, one of my sons has a summer job that requires him to be outside all day so he needs good, reliable protection.   He has already had pre-melanoma so he wants to be extra cautious and I feel safe letting him take my Aveeno Hydrosport to use.   Besides, he’s a guy – he hates the thought of putting a creamy lotion sunscreen on all over.  Give him non-greasy, ease of application and he’s in, which is why he chose this over the other Aveeno sunscreens we have in the house.

I have to agree with him – it is easy to use and the Natural Lotus Complex gives it natural water-repelling abilities.  Since he sometimes gets wet at his job or sweats in the heat, he wants to make sure his sunscreen doesn’t run off.  Really, what could be more perfect?!   Well, how about the fact that it comes in SPF 50 or 85 in the spray or lotion formulas.

We are just at the start of the summer season – which means more outdoor time for us and our kids, so on my pulpit I am preaching “Wear sunscreen!”  Remember, it’s the #1 way to prevent all signs of aging!