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All foundation brushes are not created equal.  But, you already knew that – right?   I’ve owned, and tested many from synthetic, to a mixture of natural and synthetic to all natural and in many different shapes, too.  


The first foundation brush I had was the standard Sonia Kashuk brush.   It did an OK job, but didn’t “wow” me.   Then I tried Bobbi Brown’s foundation brush – better, but still not “wow”.   Both of these are synthetic and are the typical looking flat from the side and come to a point or angled to the top.   Then I bought the Giorgio Armani Designer Foundation Shaping Brush.  This one is a mixture of natural and synthetic hairs and I used it for years.   It was much better than the previous two.   Then after a few years it started falling apart – and I take very good care of my brushes and wash them properly.    I can still use it, but it’s not in as great of shape I had hoped it would be.  I’ve had it for about 4 years or more, but many of my brushes I’ve had for over 10 years.  

This past Christmas season when everyone was coming out with gift sets, I purchased the Chanel Holiday travel brush set and in there was the European style brushes and their European Foundation brush with a mini handle.   I instantly fell in love with this brush, but really wish it were available in a longer handle here in the states.   Always using a mini brush every day is annoying.  Fine for travel, but not every day. As I mentioned yesterday, I might not have to just wish for this brush as rumor has it they are changing over the US brushes to European ones this year.   I hope!   

When I was at Redbook earlier this year testing beauty products, which included foundations, they had some brushes there for us to use when applying our test foundations.  The foundation brush they had was this Sephora one by IT for Sephora.  An all-natural brush that has shorter bristles, but it is nice and full.   I liked how it worked especially around the nose area – the shape of it allows you to get into every corner like around the nose area.  The price is nice too for being a natural brush.   What I didn’t like about this brush is that the handle is very, very long.  I think when people are designing brushes for the masses they need to realize they are used differently when we apply our own makeup than when an artist uses them on a client’s face.   They stand away at a distance, much further than our own arms when we apply makeup.   Very long handled brushes are more difficult to use on ourselves.

Last week while perusing my local Target store I came across this newly designed foundation brush by Sonia Kashuk.   It’s round, not flat, and it’s thick and full.   The packaging and the website do not say if these are natural bristles or synthetic, so even though they are extremely soft I believe these are a soft Taklon synthetic, but I’m not positive.  

This is the brush I talked about yesterday that made a significant difference on how the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation goes on.  It doesn’t leave any streaking, makes foundation go on flawlessly, gets into every nook and cranny because of its 3-D shape.   I own several Sonia Kashuk brushes and have not been disappointed.   These are good to high quality brushes (supposedly made by a high end cosmetics company) at a very reasonable price.   

I am thrilled I found this brush – it’s brand new as it’s not in every Target store yet, and it says online available in 2-4 weeks.   If you can’t yet find it, be patient.  You’ll be happy you waited!