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It’s Here!  Available for purchase now


A funny thing happened on the way…

to the airport last Saturday when leaving NYC.   Sitting next to me was the fabulous Sandy Linter!   You’ve probably “met” Sandy through here before – she’s contributed to several posts on Fab Over 40 and she is Lancome’s “Beauty at Every Age Expert”.    

Yes, I was shocked and thrilled and we chatted beauty and other things for about an hour or so.  I know!  How lucky am I?!   AND, she showed me her new book that is coming out mid-March!    “Makeup Wakeup; Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age”  I loved it and can’t wait to get a copy in my hands permanently!    This is the perfect book that pertains to women over 40 and our particular issues.   It isn’t about making us look like something we’re not.  No, it’s about making us look the best we can.  She offers tips, looks, how-to, product suggestions – everything!   

One of the first things I noticed about the book is the great photography.   These women are not photoshopped to look glossed over and fake.  Nope, they look REAL!   I was so thrilled about that!  You see their pores, their wrinkles, their beautiful skin and all – just like all of us over 40!  It is exactly what we want – the truth about what a difference makeup can do for us, not a glossed over, smoothed out, fake looking version.  

It is available by pre-order on Amazon. (click Amazon and it will take you to the page)