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Sandy Linter

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the brilliant and famous makeup artist, Sandy Linter.   She offered up holiday makeup tips to Fabulous Over 40 readers and many of the tips she offered are perfect for daily use too.   I’m a huge fan of Sandy, who is also Lancome’s “Beauty At Every Age Expert”.   For now I’ll call her “Your very own personal Fabulous Over 40 makeup expert”! 

What advice can you give us to take a look at the end of work day into a holiday party look? Don’t start your face all over – it’s a waste of time.   Take a makeup wipe or put some moisturizer on a tissue and clean up under the eye.  It will clean up any makeup that has flaked and freshen your skin at the same time.   Then intensify your eyeliner.  Take a stiff brush and use gel ink eye liner like Lancome’s Ink Artliner.   They’re great – they stay on and you can never get too much.   Then take a pointed Q-Tip or a regular one and lick the tip and roll it to a point and take the outer corners of the eyeliner up – it really opens up the eye.

If you want, you can do a simple eye shadow with a soft shimmer, it would be beautiful.   Shimmer eye shadows are great at softening the eye and are wonderful for women over 40.   Do not use frost, glittery or a real heavy shimmer, especially right under the brow as that is very outdated.   A great eye look would be shimmer on the eyelid and eye bone and a soft matte in the eye crease.   If you’re going to use a matte shadow find one that isn’t too heavy, some of them can be too aging on women, especially if it is a heavy matte. 

Bring a lash curler with you.  Don’t press heavily, just slightly pump a few times and it will really open up your eyes.  You don’t want to squeeze too hard as you will already have mascara on and your lashes could stick to the eyelash curler.  Then take a white pencil to rim the lower eye.  It will make your eye look bigger, reduce redness and make you look more awake.  A few eye drops to get rid of redness can help if you have red eyes.   

Holiday party makeup should include individual cluster lashes and when you get the hang of putting on the cluster lashes, you will become a lash addict!  Remember a tiny bit of glue to the tip of the lash is sufficient. Use pointed tweezers to pick them up and apply or this applicator tool I got from Shu Uemura, which might be safer.

Are red lips too cliché for the holidays and what about red lips in general for women over 40? Red lips are very hot right now!  Don’t be afraid of red, but women over 40 shouldn’t use a dark, dense lipstick either.  Line your lips with a neutral or berry tone liner and top with a sheer red gloss.   Or you could use a pink berry lip color and use a clear plumper gloss on top.   Experiment with different levels and hues of red to find the right one for you.      Use a softer red, unless you have the perfectly shaped mouth.  If your cupids bow is very pronounced , take a lip liner and join the top of your cupids bow together.   A severe cupids bow can make you look harsh.  If a red lip feels old fashioned, then it’s not for you.

What about the darkness on the under eye area?   I think sometimes that’s where we tend to show our age or tiredness first.  Take a white pencil and smear it on inner corner of eyes, or use concealer to do this.  Add extra concealer too.  The area next to the nose gets really dark on some people, sometimes lightening up this area instead of the under eye area, which might not be able to take so much concealer, is more effective. 

What about our cheeks? Apply blush higher up on the cheek bone, rather than the apple of the cheek, close to the tip of the top of your cheek bone.  It lifts!  Apply a bit of highlighter on the cheeks.   Then apply a powder glow formula like the Lancome Sparkling Cherub Powder to the cheek bone area, then apply blush higher up.  Or if using a creme blush like Lancome’s Color Design Blush, apply to cheeks and then dust the Sparkling Cerbub Powder (which has a warm soft bronze tone with a sparkle) over the cheeks, into the temples.  Do not be afraid to glow!

Good makeup brushes can make such a difference in application.  What are some good brushes you recommend?  The Lancome brushes I love are the #1 powder brush, which I use also for blush, the contour brush #21, and #18 is a 2 sided brush that I use for everything; brows, lips, concealer, liner, as long as you have wipes with you this brush can be used for a lot of things.  Also #2 foundation brush, #14 also for brows or powder eyeshadows.  Some of my other favorites are:

Shu Uemura #27 powder or blush,  #4F & 5F detailing around the eyes and #10 shadow brush and a #6 OB brush blending liner and powder liner and brows.
Kevyn Aucoin has a great powder brush and a mini-brush kit with a terrific liner brush and for detailing around eyes brush, a concealer brush which I use for eyeliner too, a spiral brow brush, and small shadow brush, and a flat top brush I use for powder, contour or blush. 
Laura Mercier has a good powder brush and double sided brow brush.  Anastasia has a good double sided brow brush and Alison Raffaele has a great little concealer brush, that I use all over the face.
Sandy, thank you for the wonderful beauty tips!  I can’t wait to try them this week as I have 3 holiday parties this week alone! 
I am thrilled to let you in on some big news that Sandy is writing a book!   I mentioned last time when I wrote about Sandy that I hoped she would write a book, and she is!   It won’t be out for a while, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on a release date as it gets closer.
If you live in the area, you can meet Sandy and set an appointment for her to do your makeup!   (I’m so jealous of those of you who live in the area!)
  • Thursday, December 10th at Lancôme boutique on Upper West Side (201 Columbus Ave @ 69th St., NYC)
  • Tuesday, December 22nd at Lancôme boutique at the Short Hills Mall (1200 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills, NJ  07878)
  • One-on-one makeup lessons with Sandy Linter
  • One hour appointments
  • $175 fee, redeemable in products