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While in NYC I had the great opportunity to meet Sandy Linter, a makeup artist with credentials longer than my arm.   She worked at Vogue for many years, currently has a makeup studio in the Rita Hazan Salon and has touched the faces of more supermodels and celebrities than you can imagine.   And it doesn’t stop there – she’s also won numerous awards for her work and is Lancome’s Expert at Every Age artist.   So you can only imagine my excitement when I happened to meet her!

Sandy was kind enough to answer a few of my questions, even though the event I met her at was a social one.  I was at the Lancome Boutique for Fashion’s Night Out and they were having a celebration at the boutique, so it was quite busy.

I asked Sandy what advice she had for women over 40.    She said “I could tell you so much, I have so much advice.”   My first  thought was – great! A book by Sandy Linter for women over 40?  Wouldn’t that be fabulous!  It would surely be a best seller.  She knows everything about makeup.  Her extensive career also means that she knows a whole lot about the fashion world, from models to photographers, lighting, beauty tips and tricks. She would have no problem filling a book about it!

Her biggest piece of advice was women over 40 need to wear color!  Stop being afraid of color and then give up and do nothing.   Sandy said when she has appointments at her studio for makeup lessons she always can tell who it is that is waiting to see her, they have given up on their makeup.

We talked a bit about that – why do we tend to give up or keep everything neutral?   Is it our lack of time?  Is it because we’ve become overwhelmed and give up?  Is it because we’re afraid we’re going to look like we’re trying too hard to be young and come out “clown-like” so we just do nothing?  Or is it because we’re constantly being told that after a certain age you shouldn’t wear certain colors? I truly believe any one of those questions could be the excuse someone would say, and probably about 10 more added to it.

She said the key to wearing color is to blend, blend, blend.   It is so important not to leave the makeup on your face harsh looking.   Maybe that’s where women are getting the bad rap for wearing color – they aren’t blending enough.

Sandy then kindly told me I had the wrong shade of concealer on.   I actually was relieved that I hadn’t applied it, it was something someone else had put on me.   So she took me over to the counter and applied Lancome’s Photogenic concealer in Ivory under my eye – perfect!  (Photogenic is being discontinued, so be sure to get some quickly before it’s all gone)   She took the time to explain why my eyes may look darker than most – I have a large eye and the orbital bone structure around my eye is very prominent making my under eye look darker than most, so I must use concealer under the whole eye, not just on the inner corner.

She then took the Lancome eye pencil in the Kohl Kajal color Earth Shimmer and lined my whole eye for definition, but keeping the pencil close to the lower lash line.     A quick swipe of a hint of blush on my cheeks – blended very well, of course, and a quick dusting of Loose Mineral Bronzer in Natural Golden to top it off.   That’s another thing – our skin tends to lighten or look washed out as we age, so bronzer is important.

I was thrilled with the quick touch up and next time I’m in NYC I am definitely booking a full appointment with her to learn more.   But one thing I have to say I have definitely been working harder at is making sure I use color every day.   It really does liven up your face, and how couldn’t a fresh colored face make you happy!