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I  must admit that I have a deep admiration for all things that are beautifully packaged. Whenever I received the Freeze 24-7 skincare for review I was literally in awe of the bright red boxes with snowflakes and silver lettering. I almost hesitated to open them, but then again, it’s what’s inside that matters. What I discovered was that  this line offers round the clock results!

I decided to try a different approach whenever I tested these 4 products. I applied them to only the left side of my face and neck so that I could assess the difference. Well, the difference was quite impressive.

* Skin Smoothie is a package of 16 re-texurizing glycolic pads. After using this pad on the left side of my face, it was smoother and better prepared for moisture and cosmetics.skinsmoothie-620x324

* Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment promises to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines. The left side of my face looked noticeably more supple after application. It looked tighter and more youthful than the right.freeze-24-7-instant-targeted-wrinkle-treatment-1349276014-view-0

* Anti-Aging Eye Serum aids with dark circles and puffiness in the eye area. My left eye looked instantly brighter and better hydrated than the right.10637211-1348844417-380185

* Arctic Lift is a firming neck cream that helps perk up a sagging neck. I loved the tightening effect without stinging that this neck treatment delivered.freeze-24-7-arctic-lift-firming-neck-cream

I am so pleased with Freeze 24-7 skincare for its round the clock results that I am now using them on both sides of my face and neck!

The bottom line is Freeze 24-7 skincare offers instant gratification, just as they promise.

F reeze 24-7 is available at Nordstrom

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