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Recently I was introduced to the new line of Rock & Republic cosmetics.  This is not a line that is making a squeaky mouse entrance into the lion’s roar world of cosmetics, oh no!

I interviewed Shane Upson, the Field Sales Director with the company, at the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show and learned a lot about the new venture of the company.  He discussed with me that Rock & Republic is a lifestyle brand and not just about denim any more.  You definitely get that impression from the minute you get a glimpse of their packaging.

These products are highly pigmented, and a high quality.    Just take a look at the packaging.  Most of the line comes in these black round cases that are like jewelry boxes to the compacts enclosed.  And the compacts themselves – quite incredible.   These are weighty, with the R&R insignia not printed on, but like an engraved jewel.  Definitely one of those compacts you want to showcase.

And speaking of showcase, they took the cosmetic world by storm with their Swarovski encrusted Bronzing and Highlighting Duo that sells for $225.  Yes, you can get it for much less money without the Swarovski crystals – so don’t be frightened by the $225 price if you like the product.

Their Luxe Lip Gloss is incredible – in fact I named it one of my “Fabulous Products of 2008”.  It’s a lip gloss and treatment in one.   It is creamy like a beautiful lipstick, but certainly not sticky.

Exhibition Pressed Powder has now taken over my Mac Blot powder spot.   It’s jet milled (according to Shane that means VERY fine milled) and removes all shininess without that heavy powder look.   The powder blushes are very pigmented, as well as the shadows – so a little dab will do you.   I don’t use my regular blush brush when applying the blush, but use a fan brush to get just the right touch.



According to Shane, the key product in the line is this Tinted Primer.  The shade Audrey is the most popular, the primers are named after Hollywood Actresses.  Their philosophy is to let the real woman show through, and this primer topped with the Exhibition Pressed powder should be all that you need as a foundation on your face to let your skin show through.  I love the fact that it has SPF 20, yet doesn’t feel the LEAST bit tacky or oily on your face – it actually dries to an almost matte gel feel on the face.   I may still need concealer to cover those dark circles but if you want a “clean” face look, this is the way to go.

Here are some photos of the model getting ready for the Cosmetic Trend Show, the line, and the finished look of the makeup on the model.

Shane said they have many new products in the works and was very excited to tell me about a few, which I cannot divulge at this time!

Thank you Shane for giving me a personal introduction into the lovely world of Rock & Republic.

Be sure to check out the line at Nordstrom and Neimans.