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RéVive skincare line contains bio-engineered ingredients (RES Technology) that include patented and Nobel Prize winning technology to help regenerate the appearance of youthful skin.  This luxury skincare line RéVive was created by Dr. Brown, a leading plastic surgeon, and the products are perfect for pre and post cosmetic procedures.  I say, and for those of us, too, who aren’t having cosmetic procedures.

Throughout the years I’ve received mini samples of RéVive skincare products in GWP’s and have always been amazed at how great they make my skin feel, even with those tiny samples.  Lately I’ve been using this Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum morning and night. The great thing about it is you can use it all around the whole eye area – not just under the eyes, but on the brow bone and even the lids. Most eye products are too harsh or irritating to use on the upper brow and especially the eye lid area. I have not had any irritations at all, but have noticed some significant results of skin plumping and volume building around the eye area.

The Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum is a targeted skin filler that has a Cellular Filling Complex which helps to visibly plump, rebuild volume and give the appearance of the hollows of the eyes more filled in. Besides having more wrinkles appear as we age, we oftentimes lose volume around the eye area and have that “sunken” eye look and with that comes the appearance of darker circles under the eyes, too.  This helps all those issues and gives the eye area a more illuminated look.

As with all RéVive products, it comes with a luxury price tag of  $350 and I guess there’s a few ways to look at it – those of you who do have cosmetic procedures oftentimes spend much, much more than that and those who don’t have cosmetic procedures but want the science behind the product, this may be for you. RéVive is available at luxury retailers and Space NK (remember we have our exclusive GWP going on now with Space NK thru July 31st!)

Product received for consideration of review, all results and opinions are my own.