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Time at Rancho La Puerta offers so many options to exercise.   Exercising your body and your mind is part of the philosophy of Deborah Szekely, founder of the Ranch.   At 88 years of age she does Pilates three to four times a week!  She even said to us

“I’m 88 and I’m not old yet.   I’ll eventually get there, but I’m not there yet.” 

What an inspiration she is in so many ways.   

On the second day at Rancho La Puerta Deborah spoke to the visitors about her life long philosophies.  Exercise, living chemical free, volunteering and finding your purpose in life.   They were powerful words that were eye openers to many of us.

Rancho La Puerta offers countless options to expand your mind and body with options like hiking, Pilates, circuit training, yoga, meditation, dance, fit ball, jewelry making, Feldenkrais, art, photography and if you can believe it – even more options that this!

Above is just a small portion of the exercises of the body and mind that I participated in during my week long stay.  I hope the images and beauty inspires you as much as it did me!