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I recently returned from my week-long experience at Rancho La Puerta.  What an amazing time I had!  First I’ll focus on the incredible food at the ranch.   Organic, natural, vegetarian and wonderfully tasty!   I hadn’t eaten as a vegetarian before and was a bit nervous, but there was no need to be.  The flavors just burst in your mouth, and each dish was more tasty than the next.

During the week, our group of bloggers went to the La Cocina que Canta, Rancho La Puerta’s Cooking School and Culinary Center.   It also is the location of their organic garden.   Salvador, the head gardener, took us out to the garden to pick our vegetables for the dinner we were about to make.  We all had a lesson in their gardening ways, learning about how the vegetables are grown and harvested.   It really brought me back to my childhood days of growing up on the farm!  

We had so much fun cooking together – some of us even broke into dance!   Robin Asbell was the guest chef that day.   I think she was wondering about all of us at first – we like to talk, have a little too much fun and we like to take photos!   But when it was time to get down to business, we listened and she guided us to create some very tasty dishes.   YUM!

On another day, our blogging group went into Tecate to see the group of women that began the clean up along the river bank in Tecate in order to create an organic garden.   Fundacion La Puerta assists in funding the Southern Rain Women’s Committee, which cleaned up the area and maintain the garden.  Many from the neighborhood join in on the garden and share in the fruits of their labors.  Cute little Sondra pulled some fresh carrots from the garden to share with us.  The women and children were so excited to visit with us and the feeling was mutual.  They hope to raise enough money to buy a pickup truck for hauling their goods.    

At the ranch many of us had our breakfast poolside.   Wouldn’t it be lovely to start out every day like that?!  Between classes, treatments and/or lectures we had lunches that included a salad, soup and other daily specialties.   No one need to worry about being dressed up for lunch because as soon as you ate, you were headed off to another event that you didn’t want to miss.   Many dinners were the same way, some might be in their workout clothes, others freshly showered and still others off to run to a relaxing spa treatment.  All the meals were incredibly tasty and fabulously presented.

The healthy eating has allowed me to kick my once a day cola habit that I have been trying to kick for years!   The food at Rancho La Puerta is one of the many things I won’t soon forget, and I don’t have to with the Cooking with the Seasons at Rancho La Puerta cookbook! 

I hope you enjoy the images of the EAT experience.