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Since I’ve started discussing Le Metier de Beaute this week I have to tell you about Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe Tinted Treatment.   Last year sometime I received a sample in my Bergdorf Beauty Week bag with a purchase.   I tried it and liked it, but the shade (dark) just didn’t suit me and then I tossed aside the thought of the product.  That is until they added more shades and the line finally came to the Midwest.   I had to take another look – there is just too much good-for-your skin in the product to dismiss it a second time.

I was not disappointed after taking another look.   Currently, it’s available in three shades which when it was originally released only had two shades.   I thought I heard rumor before the third shade came out that there could be up to 5 shades, but maybe my excitement of added shades took over me.

For the sake of saving my fingers in typing I’m just going to call this Peau Vierge.   Peau Vierge can be worn in a few different ways.   For a casual look with a glow to your skin, it can be worn alone by mixing it with your moisturizer.  It adds a hint of color and a nice soft glow to the skin.   Rhonda at NM LMdB counter said that she likes to mix it with her Classic Flawless Foundation and it gives the most amazing flawless look to the skin.


Since I already own that foundation I gave it a try.  She wasn’t exaggerating in the least bit.   The finish is simply smooth and flawless with a fresh glow.  I’ve also mixed Peau Vierge with a few of my other foundations and have had wonderful results with them as well.   It’s just that good.



Above is an image of the product – this is Shade 2.  You can see how it smooths out to a beautiful soft, warm glow so mixing it with either the moisturizer or foundation is perfect for giving skin a flawless look.

There are several reasons which makes Peau Vierge different than just a regular liquid highlighter.  It’s a 4-in-1 product –

  1. the foundation I spoke of
  2. a sun protectant with SPF 20,
  3. an anti-age fighter with Retinol
  4. a radiance brightener – light diffusing pigments give the face a radiant glow

Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe is said to help stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow, lessen dark circles, smooth fine lines and blemishes and tighten pores within a week of using daily.  Personally, I can’t make all those claims, but from what I see so far, I will be using this every day no matter what else I use on my face.  It’s not inexpensive at $125, but with all the skincare benefits inside it makes the price more easy to swallow and all that is needed is just a drop so a little goes a long way.

Images: Bergdorf Goodman and mine