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I had the great opportunity to attend the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show recently.  Not only did I attend as an audience member, I was able to do a few pre-show interviews and meet with some of the people that put the show together.

If you have not attended one of these shows in the past, I highly recommend that you do in the future if you get the opportunity.  Not only are they a lot of fun and the excitement contagious, you really can learn a lot about makeup, the collections or specific product that the various beauty lines carry.  Afterwards the experts are around to answer any questions you might have and offer free makeup applications and advice.  But one bit of advice – make an appointment beforehand and beware of the MOB of women – all clamoring to get a little more beautiful!

So let me start off with a little pre-show previews.  The day before the show I got to meet with Erica, who works with Julianne in organizing the whole event.   Here’s what a little backstage setup looks like.

There were three racks of clothing, accessories and shoes all organized by the three segments of the show.   They were categorized by:  Bright Metallic Textures, Smoky Eyes and Winter Berry Lips.

Once the theme is determined – which is taken by the lead of what the cosmetic companies are showing for the holidays – then it’s off to find the clothing in the store that will work with the cosmetics.    It’s really just the opposite of the designer runway shows, because this is mainly about cosmetics (and skincare).

Take this selection for example.

This beautiful golden shimmery dress is labeled MAC – to be worn by the model wearing MAC “Metal Urge” cosmetic collection.   See how the accessories are selected and bagged with the dress and not shown here are the shoes to go with it below the dress.

Click here to see the finished look on the runway.    You have to excuse the non-perfect shots I have.  I was not up front as I was hoping to be, so the shots aren’t as great as I wanted, but I hope you get the idea.

Also featured in the metallic category:

Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick

Nars The Multiple, Multiple Duo (see the gown she is wearing on the top photo hanging on the left rack the day before)

I’ll be continuing the story over the next few days with more photos, and interviews with some of the representatives from the lines featured in the show.   What great fun it was!