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Chanel Tisse Eye Shadows

Chanel has reformulated many of their eye shadows to a creamier texture that is more like a baked eye shadow.  The first collection of these is called Tissè, which means tweed.  All the new shadow colors (8 in the collection) are interpretations from actual Chanel tweed fabrics. No wonder I like the color combinations on these!

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with the Chanel National Artist, Brittany Perris, at Nordstrom Mall of America and we discussed these new shadows as she applied the Rivoli palette. These shadows are more blendable than their already beautiful textured shadows and not only are they easy to work with, Chanel gives you a chart to follow for several different looks.  But making it even more simplified is the fact that every palette, no matter the color, follows the same description on the “how-to” from simple application to a more complex smoky look.

Tisse Rivoli

For my eyes she did a daytime smoky.  Not too heavy or deep on color, but used all the colors in the palette.  A key to using these is blend, blend, blend.

Chanel Tisse RivoliChanel eye shadows

The first thing she did was tightline my eyes using the Stylo Waterproof Liner in the shade Marron Glace. Then she took a flat brush while the liner was still pliable and blended it upward a bit onto the lid. Then she applied shadow “C” (bottom left in palette) all over the eyelid and deepened the look using shadow “B” (top left in palette) on the outer edges and into the lid area.  From there she took shadow “D” (bottom right) and applied that over the lashline and upward and a bit into the outer corners too. To finish it off she too shadow “A” (Top right) and with an angled stiff brush applied it on the inner corners of my eyes.  Then she loaded up on first the mascara primer and then the volume mascara.  I loved how it turned out!

So many times we hear that when we’re over 40 we can’t wear eye shadows that have some shimmer in them, but I disagree.  Yes, there are certain shimmers where you need to be cautious – such as too much glittery in them or too silvery/white.  You’ll notice this shadow palette has lighter and more shimmer color (top right) but she just used a small amount carefully placed in the inner corners. It works.  What wouldn’t work is if you were to take that same shade and apply it all over the eye.  No!  I really like these shadows and for a more deeper, intense shadow I am interested in trying the Gabrielle palette as well.