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I’ve been trying out this neuLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum for several weeks.   I have to tell you first off, that I have not been super-devoted about using it every night.  Not because I don’t like it, but maybe most nights I’m just too tired to add it to my beauty regimen.  But now, I may have to think twice about that.

Why?  Well, about 3 weeks ago my husband said to me – are you wearing falsh eyelashes tonight?   Nope.   Then last week at work, Andrew, a co-worker said to me – “Holy Cow Kari, you have really long eyelashes!”.  So I’ll let you see for yourself.

Photo 1 is without mascara.  Photo 2 is of me a few months back testing a mascara for review- right about the time I started using neuLash.   Photo 3 is today using the same exact mascara.   You tell me if you see a difference!




Excuse the no-makeup or concealer, but I wanted it to be a fair comparison.   I think my lashes are longer and fuller.   Tell me what you think – at $150 a tube, is it worth it?!   If you have wimpy lashes, you might want to think about it!