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Meet the lovely Lauren from Lovelo Beauty. A beauty blogger, makeup artist and eyelash extension expert. Since we’re both from Minnesota, we thought we’d interview each other – I know I wanted to hear more about Lauren and also learn more about eyelash extensions. I’ve heard excellent things and I’ve heard and seen some not so great things about eyelash extensions.  I look forward to sharing with you what I learned about Lauren, Lovelo Beauty and of course eyelash extensions.  She’s even offering $50 off a full set of eyelash extensions to readers of Fab Over Forty (details below)

What got you started in the beauty business?   As early as high school I started doing my friends’ makeup for dances. I then started working at MAC Cosmetics at a young age.  I was always very interested in makeup and beauty, I was also modeling in my teens. I moved to New York City and when I would be on photo shoots I’d pick up tips from the makeup artists. I knew it was a passion of mine when I wished I was the makeup artist at the shoot instead of the model. I have always followed beauty trends, “lash extensions” being one of them.

If people are interested in getting lash extensions what should they be looking for or asking for?  They should be looking for instant gratification in lashes that suddenly appear darker and thicker. Most people want lashes that are longer than their own, but I can also do lashes in similar sizes to their own lash so they look very natural.  Lash extensions are semi-permanent in that they need to be touched up every 3-4 weeks. Also know that lashes are low maintenance; meaning you don’t need to apply mascara, curl your lashes or deal with them day to day. They are there to stay until they fall out with your natural lashes.

Is there a difference in the types of eyelashes used for extensions?  Yes, I know of three types of lashes; synthetic, silk and mink lashes.  The main differences between these lashes is the weight and texture. Silk is lighter than synthetic and is softer and has more of a shine. Mink is lighter than both silk and synthetic and most resembles your own eyelash in weight and texture. Because mink is so light, up to 5 mink lashes can be applied onto one of your own single eyelashes. I only apply silk and mink because I feel they feel softer and are lighter and more luxurious.

How often does someone typically have to replace their lashes?  A lash touch up appointment is called a “lash-fill”. On average my clients get them filled every 2-4 weeks. Most lash extensions last a total of 4-6 weeks. They fall off as your own natural lashes do, and a new ones grow in. So, it’s a continuous cycle. By week 3 for most people they really feel like getting more added in. If you wait too long to get a fill, you may need to get an entire new set again.

If someone decides to quit using the lashes, what can they expect their own lashes to be like?  Will they be gone or more sparse?  Your own lashes should still be in tact and completely normal as when you started doing lash extensions. I am extremely careful to apply one single lash to each of your own single lash and in doing so, your lash growth cycle continues as it normally would. Many people get a little shocked when they go back to their own natural lashes after having lash extensions as they get used to having long, dark lashes. So, they may think their lashes appear shorter, but that is typically not the case unless they have been picking or pulling out their lashes.

How long have you been writing your blog, Lovelo Beauty?   About three years now. 

What surprised you most about doing a beauty blog?  I think what surprised me most is just how much I love blogging about beauty. When I first started it, I thought, well, I love writing and I love beauty so I will do this and see how it goes. Now I am addicted to it and have so much fun with it. What also surprised me was people telling me they read my blog and really enjoy it. That is exciting to hear and really pushes me to keep it up!!!

What do you keep in your makeup bag? I keep a few items in my purse for touch-ups including MAC lipstick and gloss, Almay Grow Luscious mascara, MAC Studio Fix Powder for touch ups.  At home, my typical everyday makeup includes BB Cream, MAC Translucent powder, Napolean Perdis concealer, Painterly Paint Pot by MAC, BECCA Cosmetics bronzer for contouring, Anastasia brow powder, a heated eyelash curler, shadow and eyeliner by MAC and whatever current favorite mascara I am using.

Before Eyelash Extensions

After Eyelash Extensions


Lauren is offering $50 off a full set of eyelash extensions to Fab Over Forty readers!   Call 952-847-7612 to talk to Lauren and get more details and be sure to mention you saw this on Fab Over Forty.  Thanks Lauren!