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Earlier in the week I discussed that I’d share with you my makeup brushes. Here is a photo of my must haves for everyday use. There are many others for special purposes, but these are definitely ones that are my standards. Some are expensive, and some a bargain, but certainly not “cheap”. Many of my brushes I’ve had for over 10 years, so they are an investment that will last a long time if you take care of them. Foundation or any creamy product brushes should be washed every other day. All other brushes can be washed every few weeks.

1. Giorgio Armani foundation brush. I’ve tried other foundatin brushes, but this one is more thick and substantial than others. It also is made out of natural hairs and synthetic fibers when most are made out of synthetic, so maybe that’s what makes the difference on the skin. $50

2. Sephora All Over #21. This condensed oval shape works great for picking up light shades and applying eyeshadow to the whole eye. $14

3. Sephora Platinum All Over #12. This brush is made of natural pony and goat hair. The bristles are longer than the #21 brush and it is perfect for applying shadow on the lower lid. It makes the shadows go on with a nice consistency and blendability. $20

4. Trish McEvoy Tapered Blending Brush #29. This brush is soft and made of natural hairs. It picks up just the right amount of shadow to blend in the crease of the eye. Trish is known for her quality brushes. $32

5. Trish McEvoy Precision Smudge #41. This brush has a small head that is very compact. Perect for smudging darker shadow along the edge of the eye for eye liner, or smudging your pencil liner. $24

6. MAC #208 Small Angled Brow Brush. Now I don’t use this for my brows. I think it’s the perfect angle for applying dark shadows to use as a liner. You can use this wet or dry. I’m not a big fan of the MAC face brushes as they tend to shed hairs, but the eye brushes work great. $19

7. Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush Brush #2B. This brush is not too big, not too small. It delivers with the right amount of powder shadow to your cheeks. It is so incredibly soft with natural hairs that it feels as though you are putting silk on your face. $48

8. Bobbi Brown Powder Brush. This brush has just the right size bristles in order to control the all over poweder application for setting your makeup, yet allows it to be sheer. It comes in 2 handle sizes – professional and travel. The professional handles are LONG. $55.

I have many more brushes that I will share with you over time that I use for special purposes, that I keep in my desk drawer and in my handbag.

What are your favorite brushes?