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I spoke earlier about Alex Sanchez and the Lancome team doing the makeup for the Macy’s Glamorama show in Minneapolis.   Today I have some backstage photos of them all hard at work.   Glamorama is a fashion show times 12 and throw in a little music by Eric Hutchinson and Macy Gray and some very talented dancers and you have an amazing show that benefits the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.   Each of the 12 designers featured is like one show in itself with stage changes for every show, hair changes and a few makeup changes too.   It is really quite the production and I’m in total awe of everyone!   The photos were taken when the Lancome team had already been hard at work for over 10 hours!

Lancome makeup from the new Fall Collection French Coquettes.


 Alex with one of the models.

Alex applying makeup to Laura Schara – the Fashion Director for Glamorama

Alex and Laura Schara

Program rundown

All the artists busy at work!

Shannon and one of the models


Look at the amazing artistry on her eyes!    For one of the dance sets, the dancers were dressed in white from head to toe.   The Lancome team had to put plastic bags over them, then apply the tape cut-outs to their faces (you can see the tape shapes hanging from some of the mirrors) and then apply makeup to their eyes.  Wow!



Alex working his magic on one of the models and her finished makeup look.

 Sue, one of the Lancome artists showing me the difference between having some false eyelashes and not having them.  Can you guess which eye has them?! 

Alex applying makeup to Emma Laehn the 2010 Ambassador for Macy’s Glamorama.  The show that evening began with a video of Emma and her family discussing the discovery, treatment and survival of Emma’s cancer.   She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at only 2½ years of age.   She now is an active 13 year old living cancer-free.    I don’t think there was a dry eye in the theatre listening to Emma and her family’s incredible story.   

Emma and Alex

Thanks to Lancome, Macy’s and Alex and his team for allowing me backstage!