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I am the first to admit, I am a lipstick junkie.   Just to let you know what kind of junkie I am, at my office party last year there was a contest to guess how many lipsticks I had in my handbag at that very moment.   No one even came close, and that was with about 15 people guessing.  

So of course I had to check out theHoliday Collection by Lancome in collaboration with designer L’Wren Scott.  The lipstick 176 Le Rouge L’Wren and the 176 Le Rouge L’Wren lip gloss caught my eyes immediately.    But, I was concerned that the lipstick might be too dark.   I was thrilled it was the L’Absolu Rouge formula, it’s truly my absolute favorite lipstick formula.  FINALLY, my local Nordstrom got the collection in, but not for long – it was sold out quickly.  Luckily I called them and asked them to hold the lipstick for me as I refused to get near the Mall of America right after Thanksgiving.  Now, my local Neiman Marcus got the collection in too.

My first reaction was that it was a pretty shade, but it was going to be too dark for me.   So I was very surprised when I put it on and it wasn’t nearly as dark as I anticipated. 

It’s such a pretty shade and of course with the L’Absolu Rouge formula, you know it’s extremely creamy and smooth.

See!  It’s not nearly as dark as it looks in the tube.   This was applied directly to my lips from the tube and no liner or brush was used.   This is with a few layers too.  It’s such a versatile shade, not one of those “special” shades that you’ll use maybe once or twice a year.  

Unfortunately when I picked up my lipstick they were sold out of everything else in the line so I couldn’t look at it.  But, I will run to my local NM as they just got theirs in the other day.   I’m dying to see the lip gloss!    Like I said, the line is and has gone fast.  Some pieces are still available at Lancome online.