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There is no question that our lips and the area surrounding them can show signs of aging, just like other parts of our bodies. I recently tested a Lierac lip remedy that is dubbed an “anti-aging lip product” and I REALLY like it. Lierac Coherence Levres, (which translates into replumping lip creme), is easy to use and extremely effective. Another reason I like it is that it doesn’t sting upon application like so many comparable products.

Lierac Coherence LevresThis product is packaged in a 0.5 ounce tube and is simple to toss in your purse and dab on whenever your lips feel parched. It is formulated to accelerate collagen production and hydrate; two ideal goals to expect from a primo lip creme.images

The recommended method of use is to apply on dry lips and let it dry, then put on your usual lipstick or gloss. I have also been applying at night before bedtime. It serves as a lipstick base to improve wearability and prevent bleeding of your lip product shade. If you apply slightly outside your lip line, it can ward off those pesky little wrinkles around the mouth area.

Availability:www.lierac-usa.com for $ 39.00 per tube.

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