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I admit it, I’m a few weeks behind on this beauty bandwagon.   The Penelope Kaleidoscope by Le Métier de Beauté bandwagon that is.   We are slow to get the product here in the Midwest and even though I saw color swatches on other sites, I was still hesitant to purchase this without seeing, touching it in person.  And I was concerned it would be too much color for someone my age.  I shouldn’t have hesitated, as it is definitely a beauty!  And as Dustin Lujan always tells me – “women over 40 need to stop being afraid of color!”   He’s right. 

The shades from the top (right to left) are Blonde Amber – a golden sand shade.  Next is Pale Satin Amethyst – a soft lavender, third in the set is Bronze Topaz – a medium shimmer taupe and lastly is Black Emerald – a deep emerald with dark flecks.  This palette is so very versatile.   For a day look, Rhonda from my local Neiman’s used the Blonde Amber all over, then applied the Pale Satin Amethyst on the lid and then the Bronze Topaz in the crease.   This was a beautiful day look – not too heavy, but with some nice color on my eyes.

 Below are some shots of the dramatic evening look, taken in various lighting.

For this look Rhonda intensified the Bronze Topaz by carrying it up to the brow, then in the outer corner intensifying the depth of my eye by adding the Black Emerald to that area and smudging it below the eye as well.   She then added another layer of the Pale Satin Amethyst to the ball of my eyelid to brighten it a bit.  To top off the look she took the Precision Liquid Eyeliner in black to line my eyes and then topped off my lashes with a coat of Anamorphic Lash Mascara. 

It’s a curious mix of shadows that blend perfectly together to give your eyes that look of the deep Mediterranean that they captured in the shades.   But how can they work so beautifully when other shadow quads/quints mixed together like this turn into muddy shades?   Yet these seem to show every shade, but work in harmony.   It’s because Le Métier de Beaute quadruple mills their powders which allows a lightness in the texture to show through.  Amazing!  They call the layering process “Couches de Couleur” or layering of color.
If you’ve seen this and hesitated like I did – I highly recommend you don’t wait!  It is limited edition for the summer and it will be gone.   You can call Rhonda at 612.339.2600 ext. 2216.

Top image Neiman Marcus, other images mine.