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A few years back I went to Argentina and the airline had this nice little packet of goodies for the passengers and in the baggie was THE BEST lip balm I had ever tried. I was obsessed with it. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was extremely bummed when it was gone. I am crazy about a good lip balm. Burts Bees is great, but this Lather brand is better, hands down.

For some odd reason I never researched into finding where to get it and over time just never pursued it. In fact, I had even forgotten the brand, which is bizarre for a product junkie like me.

I just spent the past week in NYC – running my butt off for a few work/charity functions, and while lugging things down the street around Midtown I walked by this beauty product store named Lather. I thought to myself, if I have time later I’ll have to come back and check it out, but no time now.

Then, WAIT! That’s it! That’s the name of the lip balm I loved so dearly! I turned around and marched into the store (no time to look at all the other wonderful looking, skin softening balms and lotions etc -save that for another day) and snatched up several of these lip balms.

These are $6.50 each, but worth every penny. They are thick and creamy and smooth your lips beyond belief. The smoothness lasts for hours. They also have the ever important SPF 15. A must for a great lip balm. I happily re-apply often even if I don’t need it. It’s like finding a long lost friend.