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You may have heard recently about Latisse™, as it’s been all over the news about this newly FDA approved product to lengthen and darken lashes.   It was discovered when patients that were being treated for glaucoma and other eye diseases had the side effect of long, thick lashes.  

Latisse™ by Allergan is the only FDA approved treatment for lengthening and darkening lashes.  And if you are going to place something near your eyes with the promise of better lashes, it had best be approved by the FDA. 

Above is Cindy Ross.   She was a part of the clinical study for the product, and she had amazing results.   (Click on the photo to see a close-up.)  Cindy, who is in her 50’s had received many compliments on how she looked, but they couldn’t always put their finger on why.   She says Latisse™ was her secret beauty trick to looking more youthful.

I had the great opportunity to ask Cindy some questions about her experience with Latisse™.    Click below to read the interview.

Cindy, your lashes look AMAZING!   On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most important) how important was having “standout” lashes in your beauty regimine?       I would rank standout lashes as number 8 on my list, though after using Latisse™, my lashes became one of my best features!  Like most women, I think I pay most attention to my skin and hair care.

Did you ever try other products to lengthen your lashes, other than mascara?       No, I’ve never tried anything like this before, including extensions or other eyelash enhancer products. 

Is Latisse™ easy to use?     Yes, it was extremely easy to use.  While I was a part of the trials for Latisse™, I put it on the base of my upper eyelashes every night before bed – it took only seconds to apply.

Would you consider yourself a dedicated beauty person, since this is daily it takes commitment.  Are you a person whose skincare and beauty is a priority in your life?       I’m absolutely a dedicated beauty person.   As Vice President of Sales for a company that manufactures skin care products, (not related to Allergan) it’s very important for me to project the best image possible. 

Do you now use a different mascara than you used to?   Some people want length, some want volume and others want both out of their mascara.  Did you find you had to switch what you were using because of your “new” lashes?      No, after using Latisse™, my lashes were much thicker and longer, but I still used the same mascara that I’ve used for years by Yves Saint Laurent.

Since Latisse™ is available only through a doctor, was it easy to convince the doctor you wanted to use this product?     I had no problem.   It’s very easy to get a prescription because any doctor can prescribe Latisse™.

Thank you Cindy for sharing your story with us, and your lashes truly are amazing! 

Remember, Latisse™ is available only by prescription so talk to your doctor about Latisse™.