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Kimiko Beauty

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try a few products from the Kimiko line. To be honest, I had never heard of this line before, but was intrigued by what I had learned about Kimiko.

First off, Kimiko is a skincare based cosmetics line. It’s not makeup that just sits on your face when you apply it, no this makeup goes to work! Every application is designed to reduce fine lines, increase firmness and elasticity and improve hydration, for a healthier-looking, more youthful complexion.

How you say? Well the foundation is packed with anti-oxidants, which are good for your skin and the SPF 20 is chemical free by using a mineral based moisturizing tint. So you if you don’t like to apply sunblock, this foundation will do the job all in one. There’s a slight shimmer to this foundation, not at all shiny and overly dewy. It just leaves you looking refreshed and radiant. The Sapporo Sand shade suited me perfectly.

Kimiko Beauty

Another other piece in the line that I tried was this blush. It comes in a cute little jar with the foam puff on top, and the outside of the lid has a nice little mirror on top.

The blush contains Hydra-FirmaLift, so while you are giving your cheeks that rosy glow, you’re also doing them some good with the uplifting treatment.

I have never tried a blush with this type of application and I found it very easy to use. It blended easily and smoothly. However, the shade I used was much too dark for my skin tone. I tried the Plum Wine shade and it is the darkest in the line. I think the Cherry Blossom would better suit my skin. Kimiko has a good variety of products in the line and I will definitely have to check out the Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper.

Danielle Vincent was inspired to create Kimiko Beauty to fill a need she recognized was not being met by today’s beauty brands. Kimiko is her middle name, and embodies the spirit of its Japanese characters – KI (Energy), MI (Beauty) and KO (Youth) – by giving women beauty beyond today. You can purchase the products at http://www.kimikobeauty.com/, Takashimaya NYC, Studio Fred Segal, Vivre.com and Blissworld.com If you purchase online at the Kimiko site, you can receive free standard shipping with orders over $95 by entering FREESHIP at checkout.