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I think my most relaxing, enjoyable thing in life is going to the spa.  I seriously daydream about going to a spa that has wonderful products like the Kerstin Florian line.  The scent, the total mind/body connection, and the opportunity to completely forget about everything going on in my life.   

Kerstin Florian has those products that take me away from it all.  And when I can’t make it to the spa, I can use it at home to relax my body and mind.

I am obsessed with spritzing the Neroli water everywhere!    It’s refreshing on the face – take in the Bitter Orange Blossom scent with a deep inhale – ahhhh!  Spritz on the face to set your makeup, or go as nuts as I do and spritz it on your pillow every night too.


I’ve never used a body mist before, and now I’m obsessed with this Lavender Body Spray as well.   A light airy mist of this body spray and you don’t have to rub it in, but you can.   It leaves your skin moisturized and oh so soft.   It’s quick and refreshing – especially on these hot summer days. 

I’m also using some Kerstin Florian skincare products so stay tuned for a report in the future about those.