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Recently I got into a conversation with my co-workers, my much younger co-workers to be clear.  I wanted the opinion of the younger generation as to what they feel is or is not acceptable for women over 40 to wear.  What makes us look foolish because we’re trying too hard or just outright wrong.   Here’s the list they came up with.

Butt Branding – Juicy, Pink, bedazzled or any of those decorative words that appear on sweatpant butts.  That’s more for teens than adults of any age.

Nail Crackling or any nail art – again leave that for the younger set.

Feathers in hair – there was debate on this one for a bit.  It was decided that for the “artistic” group, this is OK.  Steven Tyler a hit, cubicle dweller mom, no.

Any “shopping” in daughter’s closet.  They’re your daughter’s clothes, not yours.  Madonna and Lourdes can be a good example of this one. Too often Madonna is wearing similar or even sharing the same clothing.

Careful with spray tan – glow is nice, the Magda look is not and it just ages women over 40

Platform flip-flops – they’re difficult to walk in and again should be left for the teens.

Leggings with short shirts – any age, it’s just wrong.   Wear them with a tunic, not a short shirt.

Frosted blonde hair and overly dark hair – both are just aging and not flattering at all.  Soften the very dark hair with a brown shade or subtle highlights.  And the frosted tip went out in the 70’s.

No visible tramp stamps – Most that have them in their teens or 20’s will be regretting them when they hit their 40’s anyway.

Frosty lips or eyes – glow is in, not frost or heavy sparkle.

Jeans – no “mom” jeans that ride above the belly button like they used to wear in the old Saturday Night Live skit.  Or the opposite, too low cut jeans like Kiera Knightly here.  She looks great, someone over 40?  Not so much.  Both are unflattering in their own ways.  Find a good fitting and flattering pair of jeans.

What do you think of this list my co-workers have put together?  I’d love to hear the opinions from women over 40!