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Josie Maran

I have been hearing so many wonderful things about Josie Maran Argan Oil but had never tried it myself.   I wondered how much I would really use it if I spent $48 on a bottle of it – was it worth it?   I figured, nah.

Then I was in Sephora one day and at the checkout area with all the sample/travel sizes of products I saw a small bottle of this for only $14.   To me, that was worth spending to see if I liked it or not.    Then I got it home and wasn’t sure how/where I was going to use it!   So it sat on my shelf for about two months unopened.  

Then one day my eczema flared up and now instead of the usual spot on my back it was on my scalp.   Ugh  and UGLY!  Itchy dry patches everywhere.  Just what I needed to deal with – constantly wanting to scratch my itchy scalp.   It’s amazing what stress can do to your skin, and I was going thru a major stressful period of events to make my eczema flare up big time.  

So one night I decided to take a few drops and rub onto my scalp and get ready for bed.  Literally within minutes the itching stopped.  I thought “WOW!”  Then the next morning the red patches of eczema were nearly gone.   After a second night of doing this treatment, the dry patches were completely gone and I didn’t feel like scratching once.   I don’t know if it’s “magical” but it is amazing!  

A side benefit of using this on my scalp is that my hair enjoyed it as well, making it super soft and shiny.