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Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner - group shot

If you’ve ever worked around people who hand draft plans (before AutoCAD) you know that the pencils they use are important. Many are obsessed about which mechanical pencils they use. Makeup artists are the same way about their eye liner pens.  Creamy textures are important, staying power is important, but also ease and usability for the general consumer are important.  Which is why I think you’ll become obsessed about these new Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eyeliner Pens.

There are several benefits to these Hourglass mechanical pens

  • A gel liner in a pen not a pot so you don’t need to use a brush for application

  • Waterproof, so they stay put

  • Super fine tip so you can easily tightline

Because they are gel, they have in them what we like so much about gel liners – flexibility, creaminess and they stay put.  All that is made easy in this pen. Why is tightlining important? Well, it’s a great way to define the eyes without wearing much makeup. Getting eyeliner right along the lashline and between lashes make for more definition of the eyes and if you have sparse lashes it gives the appearance of more lashes.  Tightlining can be frustrating with a larger eye liner pencil or a pot and brush because many women find them difficult to maneuver.

Hourglass vs Chanel Stylo

To show you how fine the tip of the eye liner is I’ve compared it to the Chanel Stylo eye liner.  Chanel is on the left, Hourglass on the right.  Big difference in size!


These come in one shade, Obsidian, which is an ultra-black and are packaged in a 3-pack.  However, these are not retractable, so only bring the tip out slowly and at a small amount at a time.  There are approximately 17-20 uses per pen, which is why they are packaged in 3’s.  As with Hourglass products, these too are phthalate and sulfate free.  Available at Sephora and Hourglass online.