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You may have been a follower for a long time, as Fab Over Forty has been around for over 10 years.  We thank you!  But now we’re calling this a re-boot. Because it never hurts to have a little freshening up, no matter your age!

Meet Kari and Carrie.  Who are we?  Well, we grew up together in a small community and we’ve been friends since we were 4 years old.  Kari grew up on a farm and Carrie grew up in town and the differences start there.  We’re so different, and yet our bond keeps us strong.  We’re like sisters in many ways, even the fights we’ve had! Our families have known each other for generations, we have sisters that are best friends, too.  We laugh, we cry, we make fun of one another, we’ve even been known to have too many cocktails and start calling our friends up. Sorry guys! You know we just love you!

Each of us has two children, Kari has two sons, Carrie has two daughters.  Kari’s still waiting for her boys to get married and start families while Carrie’s daughters are married and have blessed their family with five littles. Kari has a full time career, is divorced and lives in the city. Carrie has been married over 35 years and lives in the country. 

How did this start? It started over a closet cleaning and a few cocktails, of course.  How else do all good things get their start?!  Kari’s clothes closet was in dire need of some help and the first person she thought of for help was organizer and fashionista, Carrie.  Kari had been thinking of asking Carrie if she’d be interested in revitalizing Fab Over Forty with her but was hesitant she’d say no. After several hours of closet cleaning and purging countless white shirts and maybe a few too many rum and diet Cokes and vodka lemonades, Kari got up the nerve to ask and Carrie loved the idea!  Kari’s more the beauty guru and Carrie’s more the fashion guru. Together we think you’ll enjoy everything about Fab Over Forty.

We asked our friends if they thought we were crazy and would they follow us. The one thing that we kept on hearing again and again was, “keep it real”.  We most definitely are! We are Fab Over Forty, Keeping it Real!  We’ll be talking fashion, beauty, skincare, fitness, travel and many other surprising things in between. We’re not afraid to talk about it all!  And don’t be offended if we throw in a swear word or two. Afterall, that’s our real.  We know we aren’t 20 anymore, even though in our minds we may be. But there’s one thing we’ve learned that comes with age, the struggle is real, we deal with it, we have fun with it, and we hope you enjoy the journey right along with us!  

Photos by Julie Peterson