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“Glow” is a word that always entices me to try out a new product, and you will definitely glow whenever you use Red Carpet Kolour. This body lotion is moisturizing and creamy and easy to apply.  To dispense,  you press down  on the pump which disburses the perfect amount of product for application.Red Carpet KolourThe recommended method of application is to apply RCK before any other product onto clean skin in circular motions. I used this technique and immediately noticed a glowing luminosity to my skin. It is advised that you wait about five minutes prior to dressing after application. It is water-resistant and will not stain clothing after it dries.

This is not a self-tanner or a sun block, but a means to give your skin a healthy sheen and is very alluring for bare legs. I went outside after using RCK and saw the tiniest little flecks of gold on my skin with light reflecting qualities – so nice by the pool or on the beach!Red Carpet Kolour

There are 3 levels  from which to choose:

1. Light – which imparts a sheer, translucent glow for anyone with light to dark skin.

2. Medium –which imparts a golden, healthy glow for all skin colors.

3. Dark- which will give all skin colors a bronzed, tan glow.

I chose the Medium level and it worked perfected on my skin to give it a glow. If I wanted to actually look tan, I would opt for the Dark.

Red Carpet Kolour is paraben free and is safe enough to use on your face, so get glowing!