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Giorgio Armani Spring 2014

Forget hot pinks and corals, ¬†pastels and baby blues, Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 is all about subtlety and nude tones. Shimmer, contouring, working tones against the light and how that creates dimension on the face is the point to this collection and I like it. Let’s face it, not all of us can wear pinks, corals and pastels and for those of us over 40 natural and nudes are a great way to go and this prevents nude from getting boring.

“The purest looks are actually the most difficult to achieve because they are very subtle, built with the right colors and the right textures, very simply.” ¬†– Linda Cantello

The main focus of this collection is the Belladonna Palette Highlighter.

Belladonna Palette

This palette can be used on the eyes, the cheeks, with your foundation or not, there are several ways to use this. The formula is beautiful, too. It’s like a gel powder so it has a bit more of a “grip” if you will, than a typical powder.

A nude makeup look doesn’t look good unless your skin looks good. The new Luminessence CC Cream has SPF 35 and pinkish “rose glow” pigments to give your skin a look that you got that rare 8 hours of sleep. Also to help give your skin the nude glow is the Fluid Sheer Radiant Pigment in a limited edition.

For the eyes forget the eye palettes and use the Belladonna palette for your eye shadow and line with one of the new Smooth Silk Eye Pencils and for the lips the colors are still nude. They have 3 new Flash Lacquer lip glosses in varying shades of nude depending on your skin tone, and three new Rouge d’Armani Sheer lip sticks again in natural tones.

This fresh-faced nude collection is definitely worth checking out!