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I am often asked my thoughts on certain makeup including the Giorgio Armani foundations, especially the Luminous Silk Foundation, which seems to get so much press.  Instead of always individually answering that question, I figured I would address it in a post.  I discovered when I did my recent foundation comparison post, it seemed to have struck a chord with so many readers – we all have foundation issues and loves.  Today I’m going to compare the 5 foundations by Armani shown above.   I have not included the Designer Compact Foundation because in all these years I’ve never tried it.   And although they have the Fluid Sheers under their foundation category on the web, I do not consider these to be foundations, but instead highlighters and bronzers, which I think they are absolutely beautiful.

One thing that I noticed on their website is that they no longer code the shades by number, but instead by tone, ex. medium warm etc.   This can be very confusing because all the foundations I have are numbered, and I wouldn’t know which one to compare it to if I were to repurchase online.

Lasting Silk UV Foundation– Shown at top left.   This foundation is one of my go-to foundations for summertime.   I have found that when my skin is oiler, this works wonderfully.   It glides on and gives a nice soft glow to my skin.  However, when my skin is a bit drier towards fall and winter, it gets put away.   I find it separates and settles in fine lines on my face after wearing it a short while when my skin is drier.   

Face Fabric Foundation–  Shown at top middle.   I originally purchased this as an alternative to a tinted moisturizer for a lightweight coverage foundation.  However, it’s actually quite surprising and difficult to describe as it’s not like any other foundation I’ve ever tried.   This feels like silk velvet, very soft and almost cushiony.   It glides on very smoothly with a brush or fingers and doesn’t leave any streak marks on the face.  It leaves the skin looking like velvet, but not heavy with foundation.   Like I said, this is a very unique texture and I really like it.   There are very limited shades, I believe 4 to be the selection, so the chances of finding a perfect match may be difficult, but then tinted moisturizers typically only have 3 or 4 shades as well.   This is a soft matte finish – no glow here.  If you want to add glow you can with one of the Fluid Sheers, as this does layer nicely and the rest of your color makeup like blush stays on for a long time. 

Luminous Silk Foundation– Shown at top right.  This foundation is one of the originals to the line and probably the most popular.   It is touted by artists in magazines everywhere and by bloggers as well.   I used to be faithful to this foundation, although I must say I have gone through several shades, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 to try and find the “perfect” shade.   This foundation offers a nice glow to the face and I do not like it on my skin in the summertime when it’s oilier, I prefer to use it when my skin is drier.  I typically apply my foundations with a brush and this is no exception.   However, I find when I use a brush it streaks on my face.  So once I have the coverage I like, I then take my fingertip pads and tap my face to smooth out the brush lines.   But, lately I’m not sure if the formula has changed a bit or just my skin has changed, I find I can’t wear this one any longer.   After about an hour or so I notice settling in fine lines and the foundation tends to slide off my face.  Even when my skin is drier in winter, it slides off like a greasy mess and that’s with even using a translucent powder on top of it. 

Lasting Silk UV Compact Foundation – Shown at bottom right.  This is a powder compact foundation, not a cream to powder.  If you have dry skin, don’t even attempt to use it, this is not for you.   I tested this at the counter in the summertime when it came out and my skin was oilier and I absolutely love the finish.   A soft velvety look without being dry.  My only problem was that I couldn’t find a shade that worked for me.  Either too dark or too light for my skin tone, otherwise this one would be in my bag.   It applies best with a brush rather than the sponge, which can make it too heavy.

Designer Shaping Cream Foundation– Shown at bottom left.   I’m leaving my favorite for last.   Several years back when I was in NYC and stopped at Barneys to see the collection (before we had it here in MN) I was out of the Luminous Silk and the sales associate suggested I try Designer Shaping, as it was his favorite.   I hadn’t heard of it at that point because the Luminous Silk was getting all the kudos.   When he applied it, I instantly fell in love with it.   The texture is like a whipped cream – soft and luxurious.   This has full to medium coverage and is moisturizing.   If I use this in the summer I don’t need a moisturizer underneath.  When I use it in the winter a light moisturizer can be enough underneath it, you’d have to experiment with your own skin.   I’m not sure why this doesn’t get the love it deserves – even at Armani beauty events I’ve never seen an artists use this on anyone.   I was told earlier this year they were discontinuing it, but then decided to keep it.  Maybe there was a secret uproar by customers!   This gives the skin a very polished, and dewy finish, it doesn’t slide or settle like the Luminous Silk or Lasting Silk, and it’s more dewy and moisturizing than the Face Fabric.  I’ve bought this repeatedly and will be very upset if they ever do decide to discontinue it.  

I love that fact that all the Giorgio Armani foundations have SPF in them, it’s so important.   But, because of the different levels of SPF you may not be the same shade from formula to formula, you will have to test them out.