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With BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder



We all want that perfect glow.   You know the one – not too shimmery, not glossy looking, but just that right amount of  healthy skin perfection.

Summertime means my skin is oily so I tend to use mattifying products only to have them leave my skin looking dull and well, matte (at least for a time).   That’s not a good look either.   So those of us who tend to do what I do at times with over-mattifying or if you have dry skin, you need to add the glow.  But, I don’t want to look obvious about my glow – I want it subtle.  I don’t want people thinking “oh, she added a lot of shimmer to her face to get the glow” or that I’m looking rather Tin Man-like.   Nope, I want people to assume I have that glow naturally.

That’s what BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder does for me.   I get that luminous glow from it – but very soft and subtly.   The shade shown above that I picked up recently is Nefertiti – a soft golden pink.   It comes in a nice variety of shades, depending on your skin tone.  I felt this one warmed up my pale skin without being obvious.  It comes in some shades that are silver based, some pink based, some golden based.  No Tin Man here.