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I decided to concentrate my efforts on the area between my brows, which isn’t exactly a furrow, but has developed a texture similar to an orange peel. Whenever I was given the opportunity to test NUANCE by Salma Hayek ¬†Overnight Time Release Retinol Capsules I jumped at the chance to get rid of wrinkles with retinol. Retinol is basically Vitamin A, which has proven to be effective for ridding skin of discoloration, creases and sun damage.Nuance Overnight Time Release Retinol CapsulesThis line was created by Salma Hayek, who, at age 47, is stunningly beautiful and extremely devoted to her NUANCE line. Salma was inspired to create this line to offer products that delivered results without breaking the bank.Style: "RUVEN_09"

These capsules are individually packaged in capsules because all forms of Vitamin A break down whenever they are exposed to air or light. Retinol can cause irritation but that typically occurs in the prescription dosage, and I did not experience it whenever I tested this product. The texture between my eyes has steadily improved, and I am a big fan of these products because of their ability to solve issues at a price point that is totally affordable.

The entire NUANCE by Salma Hayek line is available at CVS. This impressive jar of retinol capsules retails for under $ 22.00.