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I adore the smell of vanilla so I was instantly captivated by the scent of Fake Bake Golden Faux Glo Shimmer. I exfoliated my arms and legs in the shower in preparation to put Fake Bake Tan Lotion to the test.Fake Bake Golden Faux Glo ShimmerThere is a pair of gloves provided with this product and after pulling these on, I applied the lotion in circular motions as directed. I immediately noticed a glow and a slightly tinted version of my own skin tone rapidly emerging. I timed the lotion and noted that after a mere 3 minutes, it was set and did not rub off. It delivered a beautiful, glimmering transformation to my skin almost instantly!

There was no line of demarcation but instead a super natural look that was an improvement over my usually pasty skin color. The smell is delightful and did not dissipate as the day wore on like most scents do. The results were natural and I looked as if I had spent a day on the beach without the sun damage. I can imagine that this golden shimmer lotion would be suitable for most every skin tone because of its sheer, natural look.Fake Bake Tanning Lotion

I am a huge fan of this product because it is not a potentially streaky self-tanner, but instead a tan lotion that did exactly as it promised. It provided a tanned, shimmering, healthy look that lasted the day but rinsed off easily with soap and water.



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