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“The 21st century Rouge Automatique is created for a mischievous and stylish woman.  In one flick of a finger, she reveals the lipstick that will embellish her smile and make her glow with radiance.” –Olivier Échaudemaison, Guerlain Creative Director

Beautiful new lipsticks are the theme this week.  If there’s one thing that a woman over 40 tends to always wear to make her look polished, ready for work, ready for a date or any other event, it’s lipstick.

Creative Director Olivier Échaudemaison was going through the extensive Guerlain archives and discovered a small Art Deco wonder created in 1936 that captured his attention, which is where the inspiration for this case came from.  This newly designed case is certain to be added as a classic to their archives for the future.

But along with this oh-so stylish case is a beautiful lipstick that is creamy and wears for several hours.   The formula was created with 3 distinct purposes

  1. Second-Skin Texture – this lipstick does feel flawless on the lips.  I know when I first applied it, I thought that it must be off my lips some time later because I no longer could feel it.  But every time I checked, it was still there.
  2. Boosted Colours – luminous, clear colors.
  3. Long-Lasting Hold – as mentioned in #1 – for as light as it feels, it lasts a long time. A formula of complex oil and resin work to accentuate shine and hold.


As you slide the lever down the tube, the top disappears into the case and the lipstick pops up.  The case itself is the same size as a typical lipstick case.  However, the actual amount of lipstick inside appears to be slightly less than many lipsticks.  The 25 shades are numbered and also named in legendary names.   The shades above and below from L-R are 161 Cherry Blossom and 140 Mitsouko. 

I can see that very stylish, classic woman pulling this case out of her bag applying this lipstick.  Rouge Automatique is available in April at select Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman.

Two lipstick shades were received from Guerlain