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I know I’m not alone when I say that finding “the perfect” foundation is a daunting task.   And it seems that when you find “the one” maybe over time it isn’t working for you any longer or it’s discontinued or maybe you just want to add another foundation to your beauty repertoire.   Then it starts all over again to find the perfect foundation.  

So to help us out, I went to the expert Tim Quinn.   Tim is the Celebrity Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Here is his advice for us:

  1. Pick a texture that works for your skin type.   I find that many women think that they want more coverage as we age – the newer technology offers coverage without  the heavy texture.  I often advise to look for a light reflecting formula with more of a dewy finish.  Luminous Silk Foundation is still the #1 foundation in our range for this very reason.   Also, go easy on the powder – use only in areas prone to shine like the forehead, nose, etc.
  2. Also, I find that women facing the ‘hot flashes’ tend to prefer an oil free, long wearing foundation.  Lasting Silk UV works well both in the liquid and powder formulation. 
  3. When choosing a shade, I think its important to be sure that the color blends seamlessly with the neck and decollete.   More often women are using products to erase the signs of aging on the face – laser treatments etc., and  the color is markedly different.   Sometimes adding a bit of Fluid Sheer will help balance the tone.  I love #11 as adding a drop or two of the rose gold shade helps to blend the color well.
  4. Lastly, I advise my clients to wardrobe their foundation.   Different types for the various aspects of their lifestyle, much as we do with our clothing.  Perhaps a tinted moisturizer for the weekend wear, i.e. jeans.  A luminous foundation for day-to-day office wear and perhaps a creamy velvet finish for more formal affairs. 

Tim pointed out a couple things that I would like to expand on.   I love the idea to wardrobe your foundations.   I personally own several for the very purposes he spoke about.  Some days I just want a sheer coverage if I’m home on the weekend and want to run some errands or for a more casual day at work.  Other times my skin just likes a tinted moisturizer better.   I prefer a medium coverage most days at work and for more evening or special occasions I do wear more coverage, albeit it’s not a heavy – pasty coverage. 

If you have been using the same foundation for the last several years, take a look at the new formulations as Tim said, they are lighter and better for your skin.   Besides, many of us change color over time as our skin become lighter as we age for many of us.  You may need a new shade.

And lastly, speaking of shades, I recommend ALWAYS testing a sample before purchasing.  Department store lighting is notoriously bad, so checking out your foundation in different lighting is important.  Also be sure to see how it wears on your skin – does it make you oily or dry, is it too much or not enough coverage, does it discolor or separate on your skin over time.   These are all important factors and tips that make it worth spending more on your foundation, because your makeup only looks as good as the foundation you are putting it on.