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Jennifer Garner in Redbook

So when did our butt kicking, yet dimple-adorable Jennifer Garner turn 40?  Apparently last year when we weren’t looking. At age 41 she still has that girl next door youthful look about her, something we all seem to be jealous of. But she seems so down to earth and even her beauty routine is simple. I mean we didn’t seriously expect her to be the celebrity that had people waiting on her hand and foot every day, but it is refreshing to read how simple she likes things.

August 2013 Cover

This month she is in the August issue of Redbook magazine – on stands now, and she discusses some of her beauty routines.  Here are a few quotes from the article:

Her favorite beauty tip:
“Putting on SPF should be like brushing your teeth.”

On the makeup that she wears everyday:|
“Most days I don’t get around to makeup.  If I do, it’s pretty simple: concealer, blush, mascara and some lipcolor.  If I’m really going for it, I might fill in my brows.  Generally speaking, brows are underserved.”

A lesson learned from her hairstylists:
“They taught me that letting my hair dry naturally – which is what I do every single day – is good for it…but it’s not always going to look good.  Pulling out the blow-dryer and the curling iron really does make a difference.  But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know even know where the hair dryer is in my house.”

You can read more about what Jennifer has to say in the August issue of Redbook.


Rebecca Romijn: Photographed for Redbook by Ruven Afanador
Jennifer Garner: Photographed for Redbook by Brian Bowen Smith