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Vibrant lips and nails, nude and glowing face.  That was the runway trend and now it’s showing up in the summer looks in the real way, not the unwearable runway version.  Dior Summer Collection 2011 Electric Tropics is one of my favorite collections so far for the season.   Café Makeup gave us a preview of the collection in early April when she was able to purchase it while in Paris, and I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival in the US.

Women over 40 this is a makeup look that you can wear!   You might shy away from the vibrant orange lips as I have, but there are other alternatives.  I’m not sure which is my favorite, the 5 Couleurs eye shadow palettes in 754 Rosy Tan and 534 Rosy Nude or the Healthy Glow Powder compact in 001 Aurora (lighter) or 002 Sunset (darker). 

Rosy Tan is shown above.  This is the darker of  the two eye palettes, but as you can see it is still not intense in color, but beautiful nude tones and textures, making this a must for all year around.  This can be worn on fair skinned to dark skinned women.   Rosy Nude is very light toned with the exception of a bright pink shade.  

Here are swatches of the shades from top – the pink shade on the top left of palette is a clear true pink.  The next shade is the dark brown color on the top right of the palette.  This is a reddish brown that can be used as the liner or as the intense shading shadow.  In the middle of the swatches is the bottom left in the palette – a medium bronze shimmer.  This is the most shimmery of the shades.  Next down is the tan shade that is on the bottom right of the palette.  This is a great neutral shade without shimmer.  On the bottom swatch is the center shimmer champagne shade.  

I know a lot of women over 40 don’t like shimmer.   Truly the only shade that is shimmery is the medium bronzy shade, which on me, I don’t mind this shimmer at all.   The pink, and champagne colors are more of a “glow” texture.   The nude shade is more matte and the dark brown shade is mostly matte but has a very tiny hint of a few flecks of shimmer. 

Above is Healthy Glow Powder and is a perfect name for the compact.   As a personal preference I find most “glow” foundations make me oily looking and I’d rather add my glow by using powders or liquids in specific spots rather than all over in a foundation.  The above shade is 001 – Aurora.  The woven pattern is gorgeous with peachy pink shades, shimmer and matte shade of a light bronze – it’s more of a warmth than a bronze in this shade.  Sunset is a deeper bronze for darker skin or if you want a deeper color.   I personally love the soft warmth Aurora adds to my face.  These two will be major players in my summer makeup.

The compacts all come in the velvet pouch that always come with the classy Dior products.  You may typically toss them or use them to protect the product, but with the Healthy Glow you will want to keep the velvet pouch.   As you can see, there is an outside pouch that holds the brush.   The brush will not fit into the compact case, and it’s a usable brush you’ll want to keep and not toss.

If the vibrant orange shade of lips, 545 Fire, aren’t your thing then add Dior Addict 454 Parisian Chic to lighten up the lips.   There are 4 new Crystal Lip Glosses that can be used atop any lip shade.  These are extremely clear colored and very lightly pigmented in a pink, pink shimmer, nude shimmer and orange.  They look more intense on the swatches online than they are in person.

If you like orange, but like I said the orange lips aren’t your thing then try the nail shade in Aloha – a vibrant orange that comes packaged with a clear coat.  There was also a neon pink shade of nail color available called Paradise, which I have not seen.   Pinks intrigue me more than orange, but sadly this pink is already sold out!

So, do you love these beauties as much as I do?

Images Dior and mine.  Disclosure: I purchased products and I work PT at Macy’s Dior counter.