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On Friday I attended at Dior Master Class at my local Minneapolis Macy’s.   Rodderick Gregg was the Dior National Artist in town for the event, and what a fun time we all had!    Rodderick has done makeup on celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Beyonce and so many more, but he can make you look like a celebrity too by sharing his beauty application secrets!   Macy’s had a great stage set up for Rodderick and tables for all the “students” to sit at with our own mirrors and utencils for applying product as we followed along with his instructions.

First he gave us all a little history lesson on Dior the Fashion House and how it correlates with Dior the Cosmetics line.  He also taught us about the Dior skin care line and what products he would recommend for us to use, and gave a good lesson on how to actually use the products.   Important things such as proper quantities, when to use which product and how and where to apply them.  All important factors into good skin care and maintenance.

We then all stripped our faces of any makeup so we could follow along with using the products on our own faces.   They also had several makeup artists placed throughout for guests, making sure that if anyone needed guidance they were there to help.   We all prepped our faces with the luxurious skin care products in order to get a flawless makeup application.

The “theme” of our makeup application was “Daytime Natural” and then he also showed us how to take the look to evening.   He first began using the DiorSkin AirFlash spray foundation.   There are a few ways to apply it – either spray directly on your face in a “Z” formation or spray it onto a brush and apply that way.   Most of us went for the brush application.  Then he took the Dior Bronze Vapo Powder – a bronzer in a spray can, and sprayed it on a brush and applied it to the face.

Filling in the eyebrows was the next step.   He used the Dior Brow Styler for that.  I use mine daily and I love how it works and looks so natural.  Then onto the eye shadows.   Rodderick used the  5 shadow palette Incognito #030.  I was so happy he used this palette as I already own it and love to learn new ways in which to use the colors.   Three colors were used, the lightest under the brow, the grey on the middle of the eye downward to the lash line and the pink shade directly above the middle.  He then used a plum shade liner along the upper lash line.   He first topped the lashes with Dior Iconic mascara sweeping downward on the top of the lashes and then upward on the bottom side of the upper lashes, then topping the lashes with DiorShow if you wanted more volume.

Then he applied softly a Dior Bronze Sunshine Tone Blush to the cheeks for a subtle flush.    It was then that he applied the concealer to the under eye area using SkinFlash.  This prevents you from having to start over with concealer if any eye shadow falls onto the under eye area.

Lips were lined with a natural waterproof pencil and topped with their newer glosses Dior Addict Lip Polish Spin-On Lacquer.  They are all pretty nude tones and sheer.  I love how the applicator spins across your lips – it makes application super easy.

Now you are set to face the day!   

To get into the night mode, remove your eye shadow from the day by taking a triangle makeup sponge and rub to remove the makeup.  His suggestion for night time was to use the palette # 970 Stylish Move.  Take the lightest shade and apply under the eyebrow area and then the darkest plum shade and apply from the middle of the eye across the eye and downward to the lash line and blend.   Then above the middle of the eye apply the medium shade and blend.   Add a touch darker lip and you are smokin’ hot for the night!  

Here are a few more photos from the event.   A group of women from Twin Cities Hip Chicks were in attendance having a blast!  They’re in the group photo with Rodderick.    Rodderick also was there to answer any one on one questions afterwards, too.   If you ever get a chance to go to one of the Dior Master Classes, I strongly recommend attending!

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