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A makeup primer can make a tremendous difference on how your makeup looks and stays on your face.  Dior has a new primer they sent to me called Diorskin Crystal Nude which I’ve been testing.  The difference with this primer is that it can be used before or after applying makeup and I really like the versatility of this primer.   I’ve use this for many different applications, which I will explain.

It looks almost white in the compact, but goes on clear to the skin.   Most primers are liquid, but this is a solid that smoothes on with the sponge.   What’s also different is that the sponge on one side is a bit more textured and the other side more like velvet.  The textured side is used for applying the primer before applying your makeup.  I use this as would be expected, before applying makeup, but also on those days when you want your face to look a little more polished without putting on a whole face of makeup (like running to the grocery store on a Saturday) this works perfectly in smoothing out any imperfection and makes your skin look smooth and flawless without foundation.    It gives it a soft matte, not dry matte finish and fills in pores and fine lines.  Perfect with or without foundation.

The other side of the sponge is smooth as velvet.  Use this side after you’ve applied your makeup.  If you want to finish your makeup without using powder, use the primer with the velvet side of the sponge.   It glides over your makeup without smearing or removing it.

Put away the powder compact during the day.  If you get a little shine or oily T-zone during the day that you want to remove without applying another layer of powder, this also works great for those touch-ups.   A dab here or there and the shine is gone.

Diorskin Crystal Nude Primer sells for $40 and the versatility of this makes it worth every penny.